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Cosmetic Dentistry Services 

To improve the appearance of dental chips, crack, stains, and other imperfections, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental bondingDr. Bruce Lee and Dr. Robert Lee in Centennial, CO, have extensive training and experience designing customized treatment plans and can help you achieve your unique cosmetic goals. Our team combines an eye for detail and creativity, performing cosmetic procedures that complement and enhance patients' natural features. At our practice, we seek to provide clients with the highest quality dental care and services, which is why we focus on both aesthetics and functionality during each dental treatment.

image of woman with cosmetic dentistry treatment
At our practice, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to help patients achieve their dream smiles.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

At The Dentist of Colorado, we provide a range of comprehensive cosmetic services, customized to meet our patients' unique needs. 

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can completely transform your smile in as little as two dental appointments. These thin, porcelain shells are bonded to the tooth surface, masking imperfections such as dental discoloration, chips, cracks, and minor orthodontic issues. To ensure a comfortable, secure fit, we use high quality DenMat® Lab products. 

Teeth Whitening 

We provide both in-office and take-home whitening treatments to brighten your smile. At our practice, we use the advanced Zoom! Whitening system. This treatment can lighten you smile up to eight shades in 45 minutes, providing immediate, long-lasting results. For your convenience, we also offer Opalescence® whitening solutions, helping you achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home.

Dental Bonding

We can repair a chipped, discolored, or decayed tooth with a quick, effective dental bonding procedure. This treatment uses durable, natural-looking composite resin to conceal cosmetic blemishes and strengthen the tooth structure. Bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments and can often be completed in single visit.

Our team combines an eye for detail and creativity, performing cosmetic procedures that complement and enhance patients' natural features. 

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring can help you achieve a more uniform smile by balancing the appearance of your gums and teeth. During this procedure, we can remove excess gum tissue and reshape the gums for a more even look.

Smile Makeover

If you are struggling with several cosmetic concerns, we can transform your appearance with a smile makeover. During this advanced treatment, our dentists can combine two or more cosmetic dentistry procedures into a customized treatment plan to help achieve your ideal smile.

Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile® is a popular choice for patients who seek to enhance their smile but do not wish to undergo more extensive procedures. This personalized, removable arch is designed to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. In addition, this option is affordable, easy, and painless. 

The Benefits

Cosmetic dentistry treatments can improve the overall aesthetics of your smile, so you can feel confident in your new appearance. Some cosmetic treatments can also prevent future dental damage resulting from untreated chips, cracks, or misalignment, prolonging the longevity of your smile and your oral health.

Our Promise 

Dr. Bruce Lee and Dr. Robert Lee are dedicated to pairing their dental knowledge with your cosmetic vision to help you achieve a brighter, healthier smile. To ensure that dental care is accessible to all patients, we offer multiple financing options through CareCredit® and DOCPAY™. Contact us online or call us at (303) 400-9700 to begin planning your unique cosmetic treatment.

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