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Address Cosmetic Imperfections with
a Dental Bonding Treatment

Dental Bonding |The Dentist of Colorado | Centennial, CO | Strasburg, CO | Bruce Lee DDS | Doug Whetten DDSDr. Bruce Lee and Dr. Robert Lee have the answer to small cracks, crooked teeth, tiny fractures in your tooth’s structure, and enamel discoloration. When looking for the best cosmetic dentist in the Centennial area, think of your hometown dentist. We now offer many progressive solutions to your cosmetic dentistry issues including dental bonding. If you think a perfect smile is out of reach, you haven’t seen what The Dentist of Colorado dental bonding team can do for you.

Dental bonding is the one simple procedure that can make an enormous difference in your self-confidence, appearance and in some cases the overall health of your teeth. At The Dentist of Colorado, your Centennial dental care practice, we use cosmetic bonding to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Best of all, it can be done in one appointment without multiple visits, pain and without major modifications to your existing teeth. A conventional treatment, dental bonding can be used when situations don’t call for more invasive treatments or even porcelain veneers. It’s also an excellent option as part of a full smile makeover. We can easily combine dental bonding with other cosmetic and dental treatments like white fillings, crowns or bridges for that celebrity smile.

Simply Beautiful Cosmetic Dental Bonding

One of the most popular non-invasive treatments available at The Dentist of Colorado is cosmetic bonding. It has literally saved careers and enhanced social lives of many of our patients. In most cases, anesthesia is almost never required. The results leave our patients stunned at how much they love their new smile. For minimal cost, discomfort and preparation, we have helped hundreds of Colorado patients substantially improve the way their smiles look and feel.

The Fastest Way to a Perfect Smile

Using a safe composite resin, dental bonding can be performed from one of our comfortable chairs with our relaxed and friendly staff. Drs. Lee will consult with you before the procedure to match a resin shade that works with your existing enamel. This high-quality, and fast-performing resin is gently applied. Our doctors then expertly shape the material to the contours of your tooth or teeth, while a polish brings out that natural look and feel with beautiful results. With regular dental care, your cosmetic dental bonding should last for years to come.

For the best family and cosmetic dentistry in Centennial, Colorado and beyond, call The Dentist of Colorado today and find out what dental bonding can do for you. We’ll keep you smiling!

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