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Insurance | The Dentist of Colorado | Centennial, CO | Strasburg, CO | Bruce Lee DDS | Doug Whetten DDSIn the world of dental insurance, there is not such a thing as true dental insurance for a single individual or family. There are many discount plans that sound like they are insurance, but at the end of the discussion they are merely a discount plan that has arranged with a very few list of dentists to provide care at huge discount. No one wins on these types of plans. You may be able to get a cleaning or two out of the deal before the dental office on the list drops the plan and you are forced to look for yet another short term solution. We can help you with this maze of confusion and help you sort out how best to pay for your dental care. We will not nickel and dime you to the point of confusion by using dental codes to bill out for a single gauze sponge or a tip on how to brush better.

If you are fortunate enough to have dental benefits to help you pay for your dental treatment, we accept payment from most insurance plans. We will accept assignment of benefit from your insurance company, sometimes requiring us to wait as many as 90 days for payment. This is especially beneficial to you as it lets you keep the insurance portion of your treatment plan in your bank account rather than you having to pay us and wait for the payment to reimburse you.

If you do not have a list of dentists that you must see, sometimes known as a third party or indemnity plan, we are able to treat you in our office. Most benefits are subject to a pricing structure that is decided by your insurance company, and we work very hard every day to be competitive in this arena. It is decided by zip code as to the level of reimbursement, and our office staff is very knowledgeable as to any questions you may have regarding these details. All we need are your credentials to be able to make contact with your insurance carrier, most of the time online. We will help you ask the proper questions to your company to be able to maximize your benefits. We can also budget your treatment so as to be able to take advantage of your dental care over multiple years.

Many dental plans are call PPOs, or preferred provider plans. We are a Premier Provider for Delta Dental, and accept Cigna, Aetna, and Met Life among others. If you work for a union and have a plan that is specific to that group, we accept assignment of benefits for many of those as well.

FLEX plans are an especially useful way to pay for your part of your co-pay, resulting many times in no out of pocket expenses when combined with your dental plan. They can used throughout the year, not requiring that you wait until the very last minute to squeeze in your dental care at the end of the year.

We are not medicaid providers, and we cannot accept assignment of benefits on a so-called EPO dental plan. These are very specific dental plans with a list of dentists that you must see. We have found, however, that in many cases the benefit provided by these plans are so limiting that we can provide your dental care with the same or less out of pocket expense to you. Please let us help you figure out how to get your mouth healthy.

A word from Dr. Lee: "After all is said and done, regular dental care saves you way more money in the long run. We have found that if a person will put away only $50 per month, you can finance all of your regular dental cleanings, oral cancer exams, x-rays, and even some regular dental work of replacement of fillings and even a crown!"

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