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Maintain a Happier and Healthier Smile with Our Professional Hygienic Teeth Cleaning Treatments

Dental Cleaning | The Dentist of Colorado | Centennial, CO | Strasburg, CO | Bruce Lee DDS | Doug Whetten DDSA dental or hygienic teeth cleaning is a routine, painless and non-invasive procedure at The Dentist of Colorado. If you want healthy teeth that will last a lifetime, consider a teeth cleaning by Dr. Bruce Lee and Dr. Robert Lee's dream team. A dental cleaning completed every six months guarantees a preventative dental care regimen, as recommended by the ADA. Most cleanings from your Centennial hygienists take between 30 minutes to one hour. At your dental cleaning, our dental dream team takes x-rays to check for cavities and disease. This is painless as well, and will provide us with more information for any follow-up treatment, if necessary.

Our goal with every cleaning is to provide experienced dental excellence you can trust. Nothing compares to your own teeth in both form and function, and good oral hygiene has been directly associated to good overall health. Throughout the dental cleaning, it is our priority to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you have sensitive teeth or have dental phobias, we take every opportunity to discuss at great length what we need to do before we actually begin. If you have teeth sensitivity, you may feel some discomfort, or if you haven’t had a cleaning in a while you may experience some pulling or tugging as the dental hygienist gently scrapes the plaque from the sides of your teeth. This is perfectly normal, and with daily brushing, flossing and regular check-ups subsequent teeth cleanings will go smoothly. We make every effort to provide pain-free and a relaxing environment.

What to Expect at Your Dental or Teeth Cleaning

At The Dentist of Colorado, our dental hygienists use only the most advanced tools to achieve that healthy, picture-perfect smile you’re not afraid to flash. During a teeth cleaning, a hygienist uses scalers and curettes, shaped like metal hooks, to remove small pieces of hard plaque between teeth that is difficult to remove. Another device that’s used intermittently is a handpiece instrument called a dental vacuum. It keeps a patient’s mouth clean as they work, but also shoots a spray of water into your mouth for rinsing the plaque away. Once the scraping is complete, your dental hygienist will floss and polish your teeth, and then apply fluoride solution. Throughout this time, our dental hygienists may ask questions about your daily oral hygiene, and offer advice or answer any questions you may have. Our objective is to give all our friends, family and neighbors in the Centennial-Parker area the cleanest, brightest smiles and stop tooth decay in its tracks.

Dental X-Rays

Your dental hygienist or technician may also take x-rays as part of your teeth cleaning. X-rays provide an in-depth image of your teeth and jaw structure. Once developed, x-rays can reveal to us any indication of cavities, bone loss, abscess or other abnormalities. To take x-rays, your dental technician or hygienists will place a heavy apron on you to shield your body. We’ll ask you to bite down on a piece of plastic so that your bite alignment is properly aligned for the image. This process may be repeated so that x-rays can be taken of your entire mouth.

At your hometown dentists, Drs. Lee, and their experienced staff understand the importance of preventative dentistry and provide the best quality care for that clean bright smile that has you looking your best. At all times and at every appointment, we’re here to provide the highest quality preventive care that will set the stage for a healthy smile. In the Centennial Colorado area, experience superior family and cosmetic dentistry from Drs. Lee.

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