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Our Conservative Approach to Root Canal Therapy Protects the Health of Your Smile

Your hometown Centennial, CO, dentists, Dr. Bruce Lee and Dr. Robert Lee make every effort to provide you with gentle, thorough dental care for that healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. When an infection travels and compromises the nerve or root of a tooth, our dentists and their specialized team can help you look and feel better fast. In these very sensitive instances, our team can use advanced and gentle techniques to prevent dental infection from spreading. Depending upon the complexity of the infection, root canal therapy can be accomplished in as little as one visit.

Finding Comfort with Cutting Edge Technology

Our dentists use only cutting edge devices and technologies, so that therapy and treatment can be completed much faster, and with very little pain. More than 96 percent of all root canal therapies are successful. The good news is that modern root canal treatments can save a patient from needing a tooth extraction. Patients who have had root canal therapy can often continue to enjoy their natural smile and eat the foods they love.

Causes of Nerve or Root Damage

The most common cause of root or nerve damage to a tooth – sometimes referred to as pulpal nerve damage – is dental decay. When left untreated, tooth decay has the potential to cause an abscess, which can lead to pulp death, bone loss, and tooth loss. Trauma to the jaw can also cause damage to the sensitive nerve tissue found within a tooth. Signs or symptoms of root damage include swelling of the face and neck, a hole in the tooth, toothache or pain, gum swelling, and extreme sensitivity.

image of normal versus infected tooth
A root canal procedure can help to eliminate dental infection and prolong the health of your smile.

The Steps of Treatment

Our team can perform a thorough examination of your smile to determine whether you are a candidate for root canal therapy. If you decide to proceed with treatment, we begin our root canal therapy by numbing the tooth with an anesthetic.The pulp inside the infected tooth is then gently removed. Next, we can carefully clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth. In the final step, we fill and seal the root canal with a permanent rubber-like material which blocks bacteria from entering the tooth again.

Our team can use advanced and gentle techniques to prevent dental infection from spreading.

Restoring the Tooth After Root Canal Treatment

Once the actual root canal therapy is complete and your tooth has had time to heal, we can rebuild the tooth to restore full functionality. In most cases, a core placement is needed before the actual crown can be fitted. If large portions of the tooth have been removed due to decay or fracture, we replace that missing tooth structure in preparation for the crown by using a core or a core and post. Core placements can be made from metal filling material or dental composite. Dental cores provide stability, durability and strength from the inside so that a crown, when fitted on top, can withstand excessive chewing. A dental crown procedure is appropriate for molars since it can withstand the force of heavy chewing. For front teeth, a dental filling will generally keep teeth healthy and strong.

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From start to finish, all dental procedures are carefully outlined with your dental care goals and medical history in mind, to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Preventive dental care requires a strategy that you can agree will be the best choice for a healthy smile for years to come. Let Dr. Bruce Lee and Dr. Robert Lee become your family dentist for all your family and cosmetic dentistry needs. To set up a consultation, please send us a message, or give us a call at (303) 400-9700.

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