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Bring Vibrance Back to Your Smile with ZOOM!
Teeth Whitening

ZOOM! Whitening | The Dentist of Colorado | Centennial, CO | Strasburg, CO | Bruce Lee DDS | Doug Whetten DDSZOOM! teeth whitening is a revolutionary advancement in cosmetic dentistry offered by Drs. Lee, your premier dentists in the Centennial area. If you’ve ever wished for a fast, effective cosmetic whitening technique that is also safe, you’ve found it with ZOOM! whitening systems. With ZOOM! whitening, we can now tailor your teeth whitening process for a convenient at-home treatment or for a dental office visit. Now your smile can go from dingy to dazzling within an hour or over the weekend. 

A Whiter, Brighter Smile with Zoom In-office Whitening System

With ZOOM! in-office cosmetic dental treatments, teeth whitening just got easier. In about one hour, experience a brilliant smile free of stains and discoloration. Cosmetic dentists, Drs. Lee can erase what natural aging, genetics, medications and even simple foods have done to your once-perfect white smile. With the patented ZOOM! whitening system, an active bleaching solution is first applied to your teeth. It’s followed by a relaxing rest beside an advanced chair side lamp that accelerates the process and leaves teeth eight shades whiter. Unlike some popular over-the-counter teeth whitening packages, it’s the ideal answer for those people looking for fast and lasting results.

The real reason why most O-T-C teeth whitening kits don’t work is because the trays are not customized to a patient’s smile. What most people receive is an uneven, messy application which often means uneven and spotty results. More importantly, the results don’t last very long requiring reapplication, and that can amount to a large sum of money over time. Store-bought teeth whitening kits also tend to move quite a bit, causing a greater risk for tooth and gum sensitivity. With ZOOM! in-office whitening, our hygienists are licensed to perform this dental cosmetic therapy and operate the advanced chair side equipment to the exact required light intensity. This entire procedure is completed while attending to your every comfort.

Zoom At-Home Whitening System

What makes ZOOM! At-Home Whitening system so unique is that patients can choose to receive a cosmetic treatment under the care of a dental professional within the privacy of their own home. Many patients like the idea of custom-fitted trays with a precise formula concentration that can be adjusted to their schedule and their sensitivity. With its exclusive, ingredient of amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), clinically-proven to protect enamel, ZOOM! Whitening System can also reduce sensitivity and enhance enamel sheen for natural but remarkable results.

Now you can have a safe, effective and precise whitening system that takes your smile from dull to dramatic. Our dentists offer family cosmetic dentistry that fits your schedule, and your comfort all while getting the results you desire. No one needs to greet the world with a lackluster smile when there are so many options for a vibrant, healthy one available at your Centennial family dentists, Dr. Bruce Lee and Dr. Robert Lee.

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